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How to clear dns cache in OSX

if you are Leopard user, use this command in terminal :

dscacheutil -flushcache

if you are Tiger user, use this command in terminal :

lookupd -flushcache

Bonus; if you are Windows user, go to the command prompt [cmd] and use this command :

ipconfig /flushdns

sorry, but i dont know how to clear dns cache in Linux workstation, any idea? if you use bind as your DNS server in Linux you can reload dns cache by command [need root]

rndc reload

hope this usefull :D

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  1. @milisdad, Blank0n itu linux bukan? kalo linux berarti boleh baca lagi diatas :P

  2. Sayang sekali postingannya hanya sedikit. Tapi enggak papa deh, yang penting ada yang diposting. Ayo posting info yang lainnya.

  3. @Ade FR, wah maap sekali…. emangnya mau info apaan?